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Gabriela Chilom / SET 427 / 435-652-7766 / Environmental Chemistry∙ Structure-function relationship in natural organic matter.
∙ Carbon storage potential of local soils.
∙ Amphiphilic properties of soil-derived materials.
Rico Del Sesto / SET 425 / 435-652-7767 / Materials Chemistry∙ Design and synthesis of new liquids that exhibit responses to optical and magnetic fields for applications in chemistry and materials science.
∙ Development of amphiphilic pharmaceutical- and biomolecule-based materials to improve efficacy and bioavailability, including materials based on cannabinoids and similar naturally-occurring terpene-based compounds.
Jennifer Meyer / SET 428 / 435-879-4283 / Biochemistry∙ Synthesis of Pterostilbene derivatives to improve antioxidant capacity and/or reduce cell proliferation.
∙ The potential synergistic effects of dabrafenib and pterostilbene on melanoma cell proliferation.
∙ The effect of pterostilbene and its derivatives endothelial function under hyperglycemic conditions
Diana Reese / SNOW 218 / 435-652-7774 / Computational Chemistry∙ Structure and dynamics of cyclic amino-borane complexes
Wendy Schatzberg / SET 426 / 435-879-4374 / Chemical Education


National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Long Beach, April

The Emerald Conference: The 9th Annual Interdisciplinary Cannabis Science and Psychedelics Even in San Diego, CA, April

National American chemical society (ACS) meeting in New Orleans, LA in March.


American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) Conference in Seattle, March


ACS Regional Meeting Las Vegas, October

Chicago National ACS Meeting August

West Coast Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Conference in San Diego, CA at Point Loma Nazarene University on April 9, 2022.

Presenting on The Oxidative State of Red Blood Cells under Hyperglycemia Conditions and the Impact of Pterostilbene advised by Jennifer Meyer

Research Symposium
Cutler Cowdin, Jase Jensen, and Spencer Thatcher

Research Symposium
Nele Hebbeler and Oceane Massamba

E. Shelton*, D. Johnson presenting soil organic matter: quantifying the potential for carbon sorption of local soils advised by Gabriela Chilom


Sanyah Garcia-Nava is a chemistry student studying biochemistry, she presented at the DSU Symposium for Research, Innovation, and Creativity in Spring of 2021 with Richard Warner. She learned how to culture human T-cells and performed a co-immunoprecipitation to confirm the interaction of proteins.


M. Holden*, C. Spiller, D. Johnson, G. Chilom, Comparative study of humic acids from soils and from leaves, ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA. (March 2020).

M. Dustin*, M. Holden, R. Peterson, G. Chilom, Heavy Metals Analysis of Particulate Matter Removed by Trees, ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA. (March 2020).


M. Dustin*, M. Kondel, G. Chilom, Accumulation of particulate matter on leaf surfaces


M. George*, D. Warner, G. Chilom, Investigating the antimicrobial activity of humic acids.

K. Monday*, O. Ruiz, G. Chilom, Kinetics of methylene blue adsorption on humic acids

Research Office

Share your research with the professional and academic worlds through conferences such as the annual DSU Research Symposium and occasionally at national and international chemistry conferences (e.g. the American Chemical Society National Meetings).

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