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Chemistry & Biochemistry Department

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry hosts two Bachelor’s degrees – a degree in Chemistry, and a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – in addition to minors and certificates.


Do you enjoy applying fundamental concepts along with newly learned skills to complex problems that were previously unsolved?

If this sounds like a challenge you’re willing to take on, Chemistry & Biochemistry is the place for you!

Chemistry comprises the study of matter – from sub-atomic particles to bulk materials – and is sometimes called the “central science.” This can be applied in diverse fields such as

  • Medicine
  • Environmental science
  • Alternative-based power sources
  • Forensic investigation
  • Materials science
  • Art conservation
  • Energy security
  • Nanotechnology

Through rigorous coursework and laboratory experience, students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and address scientific problems that impact society, ranging from new therapeutics in medicine to “smart” plastics and electronics that respond to dynamic environments.

As scientific issues continuously play a role in national and local policies, having a basic understanding of chemical principles empowers students to become informed citizens that can help maintain progress in society as new and evolving technological advances and concerns become significant.

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Research and Internship Opportunities

Research is one of the most impactful methods for students to learn theory and practices of chemistry, and to apply knowledge to solving complex problems. Our faculty engage all students in the chemistry programs in research projects for at least two semesters. Students have opportunities to share their research with the professional and academic worlds through conferences such as the annual UTResearch Symposium and occasionally at national and international chemistry conferences (e.g. the American Chemical Society National Meetings).

Research Chemistry & Biochemistry


Chemistry Club is intended to foster an interest in and advancement of Chemistry through student membership and community involvement. The Chemistry Club will serve to enhance the learning opportunities for students.


Active and Applied Learning

In addition to lectures, the programs within our department provide over 400 hours of laboratory experience, with opportunities for hands-on use of modern and advanced instrumentation used across the industry.

Glimpse of your Future

Pre-Dental Club

Our mission is to provide aspiring dental students with an educational experience, while preparing them to attend dental school. This society helps strengthen students’ understanding and knowledge of the field. We will afford students the opportunities of job shadowing experience, education seminars, and hands on community service. As a new organization we are more than willing to help students enhance their understanding of the dental field and what it takes to be competitive when applying to a graduate program.

Pre-Dental Club
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Faculty & Staff

Gabriela Chilom, Ph.D.

Department Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Email: chilom@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-652-7766

Office: SET 427

Rose Hill

Advisor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Email: rose.hill@utahtech.edu

Phone: (435) 879-4698

Office: SET 324

Cassandra Stanfield

Administrative Assistant

Email: cassandra.stanfield@utahtech.edu

Phone: (435) 652-7851

Office: SET 421