Associate Professor of Chemistry

Katherine N. Leigh

Katherine N. Leigh

Chemistry is fascinating! I love how chemistry not only explains the world around us, but it also relates to so many other subjects. I’ve always enjoyed teaching, and I especially enjoy helping students see how chemistry relates to their individual interests, major, and life. I am a native of southern Utah, but I have a little of the South in me as well, thanks to living in Tennessee for eight years. Teaching here at Utah Tech allows me to be in a place I love, sharing the subject I love with students who are eager to learn.

My research background is in the study of catalysis, a process essential to increasing the rates of some chemical reactions that would otherwise be too slow to be useful. Using quantum mechanical computations, I have studied enzyme-catalyzed phosphoryl transfer and phosphoryl analogues as well as pincer-catalyzed hydroamination.


  • Chemistry Club Advisor
  • Concurrent Enrollment Supervisor
  • Science outreach programs for youth in community


Ph. D. in Inorganic Chemistry

  • University of Memphis, 2014

M.S. in Inorganic Chemistry

  • University of Memphis, 2013

B. S. in Biology & Chemistry

  • Southern Utah University, 2006


  • CHEM 1010 - Introduction to Chemistry


Katherine N. Leigh

Associate Professor of Chemistry


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