Chemistry & Biochemistry Alumni Updates

Aron Hall-Terracciano Utah Tech 2019 Graduate

It is with great excitement I am able to announce I have been officially white-coated into the Roseman College of PharmD Class of 2025!

Autumn Wyatt Utah Tech 2019 Graduate

After graduating with a BS in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics in May 2019, I pursued graduate school. I graduated in May 2022 from Colorado State University with an MS in Chemistry. I specialized in Physical Chemistry and Research in Dr. Amber Krummel’s group. I studied how water effects the vibrational structure and dynamics of room temperature ionic liquids as an application to electrolyte solutions utilizing linear and nonlinear spectroscopic techniques. I also was part of the implementation of 2D IR microscopy. I am passionate about laser instrumentation design and improvement, so I aspire to have a career in the optics community.

I am in the middle of an interview process to become Laser Engineer with KMLabs. It involves building KMs Ti: Staph oscillators from scratch, installing them worldwide, and servicing them. Plus some R&D.

Andrew Arslanian Utah Tech 2017 Graduate

Andrew graduated from Utah Tech in 2017 and then pursued a Doctorate of Philosophy in Chemistry at BYU. He graduated with his PhD from BYU in April 2022. He specializes in Analytical Chemistry with an emphasis in Spectrometry. He accepted a Post-Doctorate Job at Ohio State University where he will continue his work in Spectrometry studying proteins and modifying mass spectrometers. He proudly proclaims starting grad school with 3 kids and finishing with 5.